Challs is an international company that develops branded cleaning products. Unfortunately their headquarters burnt down a couple of years ago. With the new building complete and ready for business Challs planned an official grand opening event to celebrate the launch. A design for an invitation was required. Challs did not have any specific ideas in mind for it’s appearance but suggested that there were no real limitations. They pointed out that they have a love heart shaped atrium that they are particulatly fond of. The atrium matches the love heart plug hole that one of their brands uses as a company logo. Challs stressed the need to understand their product guidelines to get a feel for the company and if possible include their values, colour palette and type faces to make sure it is on brand.


The invite I desgined celebrates the new heart of the company and the enviromentally friendly culture. This design was selected for production.

Once fully unfolded from what appears to be a regular envelope, a love heart is revealed and suprises the receiver. The idea is simple and focuses on the suprise element, however includes strong brand assests to tie it back to the company.

Standed A5 letter with a twist. The rear side is die-cut inside the Challs heart (the plugs holes are cut out). When the letter is inside the envolope it gives the impression of a blocked up drain with Buster foam inside it (Buster is a drain cleaning product from Challs). When the letter is pulled out the plug hole cleans its self and the dirty element turns into a glass of champange, again suprsing the reciever.

This invite focuses on company values. A little bit of humour with the play on words and a simple clean design makes the invite feel a part of the brand.